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Our Story

We are Kennedy Elsaesser, Erin McLeod, and Tiffany Olson and we are clinical social workers registered with the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers.  We serve clients throughout the Prince Albert and Melfort areas. We acknowledge and appreciate this a Treaty 6 Territory and homeland of the Metis. 


Tiffany and Erin began this journey a number of years ago over a cup of coffee. We discussed our career goals and made a plan to work towards becoming entrepreneurs and creating the kind of practice that supported our desire to serve clients based on values and ethics, in an environment carefully crafted to support the therapeutic process. Thus the plan for Turquoise Tree was born.

We have been in business since the summer of 2015 and now have offices in both Melfort and Prince Albert. We provide support services to northern communities, speak at events, and offer workshops and seminars.

Each of us brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to our practice. We share the same vision and beliefs that all people can make positive change for themselves and can achieve holistic wellness in their lives through counselling. We guide our practice on compassion, respect and integrity; as well as clients' self-determination and confidentiality.

We are passionate about counselling and always honoured to share in this life journey with our clients. We also celebrate this professional journey with each other. Our work is emotionally challenging and laughter is our self-care, as well as our connection with clients. We dive deep into the darkness with our clients, but we can share laughter with them too. The healing power of laughter should never be underestimated.

In January of 2022 we welcomed Kennedy Elsaesser to our practice. Kennedy has mental health counselling experience in criminal justice, addictions, and mental health outpatients. Her current practice focuses on working with children, youth, and young adults.

Meet Our Team HERE

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